Rules to Achieve Effective Communication

Rules to Achieve Effective Communication

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Rules to Achieve Effective Communication – Hello Ajarian! All communications, whether verbal or written, needs to be effective in order to demonstrate our intention to meet customer and colleague needs and to deliver service and responses quickly. To help achieve effective communication, the following five rules apply:

  1. Every message must have a purpose.
  2. Messages should match the interests and abilities of the receiver.
  3. Unnecessary words should be eliminated.
  4. Chosen words should be within the experience range of the receiver.
  5. Verbal messages should be clear and concise, using the correct words and their pronunciation, along with appropriate inflection, tone, language, speed, and volume of voice.

This means that in some instances, written communication may need to:

  • Use graphics or pictures to help clarify meaning.
  • Be produced in a language other than English.
  • Be printed in a font that is easy to read and in a print size that encourages people to read it.
  • Be available in ‘take away’ form so that people can take a copy with them to read later and or in more detail.

When you communicate in an effective way, the message is unlikely being misunderstood. It also helps the audience to have a better understanding about what you are saying. 

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