Safety Requirements for Boiling Sugar

Safety Requirements for Boiling Sugar

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Safety Requirements for Boiling Sugar – Hello Ajarian! Boiled sugar is dangerous because you’re working with high temperature that exceed 140°C which can harm your skin if you’re not applying the safety requirements. Before boiling sugar, it’s better to prepare these safety requirements first:

  1. When working with boiling sugar solution it is advisable to have bowls of cold water nearby. This is for people to plunge their hands into when they touch the sugar. The sugar will set and then peel away from the skin after it has cooled.
  2. If there is no water, you can wipe the molten sugar away with the other hand
  3. If the molten sugar gets onto a fingernail, use a fine needle to push the sugar under the nail. This action can ease the swelling of the blister
  4. You must use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when handling the equipment, such as:
  • Thick oven mitts for handling saucepan or pot handles
  • Silicon, metal or rubber mats to rest hotpots on the benches.

Working with sugar requires absolute cleanliness. Any small speck of dirt can ruin any work when it is embedded in molten sugar.

Human hands sweat when exposed to heat for extended periods of time so some items like cotton or silicon should not be worn for a long time. People might get used to the heat but care must always be taken, build up your tolerance over...

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