How to Setting Up Restaurant Area

How to Setting Up Restaurant Area

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How to Setting Up Restaurant Area – Hello Ajarian! At the end of each shift, the dining area may need to be set up for the next shift, sometimes this is left for the next shift to do. Set up may involve minimal work if the next shift is going to be serving guests with the same or similar type or style of menu and floor plan, however setting up for the next shift may involve a great deal, more effort and time if the type of service or style of menu is different.

Setting up for a breakfast shift

Sometimes the evening shift service staff will have to partially set up for the breakfast shift the following morning. This may include having to:

  1. Re-lay all tables and set covers for a breakfast menu
  2. Place breakfast menus on tables or at other designated locations in the room
  3. Place sealed portion-control condiments (such as sugar, jam, and honey) on to service areas or customer tables
  4. Set up the breakfast buffet with the appropriate equipment, displays and non-perishable food items such as cereals, etc.
  5. Re-stock refrigerated and non-refrigerated items that will be needed to service the breakfast menu.

Setting up for a function

Sometimes staff may have to set up the dining area for a function. These requirements will vary depending on the type and style of the menu, service style, and other requirements to meet the demands of the client for the function. A ‘Function Sheet’ should be used to direct activities which may include a need to:

  1. Rearrange all tables and chairs
  2. Set covers on tables according to the menu
  3. Set up a buffet and equipment needed to service it
  4. Stock specific food and beverage items
  5. Clear an area for entertainment or displays.

Regardless of the set up activities that are taking place, it is essential that any organizational procedures and policies be followed by all staff. Whilst these will vary for different organizations and for different shifts, some common requirements include:

  1. Ensuring safety of restaurant and furniture, equipment, etc.
  2. Preserving food safety
  3. Ensuring security of the restaurant during set up. Most restaurants are closed to the public during these preparation times but need to open as required to allow access by suppliers to the area. This need for access obviously has the potential to jeopardize security so special attention needs to be paid to security at these times
  4. Following identified sequences for room preparation. Properties will normally have a staged way of setting up a room so following the identified procedures is a necessity
  5. Communicating with others to integrate total property needs
  6. Completing necessary documentation such as requisitions forms, ‘change required’ slips, maintenance requests, etc.
  7. Adhering to imposed labour budget restrictions such as making sure that certain staff knock off when required as opposed to dragging out their work time to gain extra pay.

By knowing all of these requirements, setting up the restaurant area can be done easier by yourself or your colleague. Make sure the set up is match with the function or event.

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