Sharing Local Knowledge with Customers

Sharing Local Knowledge with Customers

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Sharing Local Knowledge with Customers – Hello Ajarian! Any new or updated local information must be shared with colleagues and customers in order to enhance service delivery and optimize customer experiences. “Customers” include guests, friends of guests and visitors generally. They can be individuals, families or groups of business people or tour groups.

The basics of sharing local knowledge with customers include:

  1. Advising of altered conditions when talking to customers, guests, and visitors. These “altered conditions” may relate to:
  • Opening hours for a venue/attraction, park or business
  • Prices to enter, cost of tickets and tours
  • Schedules and timetables of shows, buses, trains
  1. Mentioning new options to customers/guests such as:
  • Telling them about a new park, gardens, attraction
  • Giving them a brochure about the new or revised attraction
  • Providing a map and directions about how to get there
  1. Asking people where they have already been and what they have already seen so you can:
  • Recommend attractions and local destinations they have not yet seen
  • Provide them with information/brochures about those places
  • Give them your first-hand impressions about the...
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