Six-Step Method for Dealing with Complaints

Six-Step Method for Dealing with Complaints

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Six-Step Method for Dealing with Complaints – Hello Ajarian! Complaints can come in an array of circumstances and be based on endless situations. Regardless of the situation there is a standard approach which can be applied to help resolve the complaint.

In this article, will explain the commonly used Six-Step Method for dealing with all complaints is the recommended course of action. Even though some of the points set out below have been covered earlier, but is useful to see the model laid out in one place in its entirety.

So, what are the steps for dealing with complaints?

Step 1: Listen carefully

Listen, listen, listen to everything the customer has to say even though it may be the last thing that you feel like doing! Recognize and respect the customer’s thoughts and feelings. Show genuine interest in their needs and expectations.

Step 2: Acknowledge

Establish the scope and nature of the problem along with any history that might accompany it, or the complainant. 

Verbally summarize the conflict and ensure that the parties involved agree with your summary.

Step 3: Respond

Inform the customer of the action you wish to take. This course of action may have been proposed by them, by you, or arisen through negotiation. Check to see if this action is deemed acceptable.

Make sure the action is in line...

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