Steps to Open Sparkling Wine in Silver Service

Steps to Open Sparkling Wine in Silver Service

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Steps to Open Sparkling Wine in Silver Service – Hello Ajarian! After the bottle has been approved by the customer, you may open and serve the wine. Wine should be opened quietly and no noise should be audible when the cork is withdrawn.

To open a champagne or sparkling wine, the steps are a bit different from opening red wine or white wine. Here is the steps of opening sparkling wine or champagne you can refer to:

  • Present the bottle to the host - using a service cloth
  • Announce the wine – by brand, style and vintage to the host to confirm the correct selection of the bottle
  • Remove the foil around the cork of the bottle – place the foil into your pocket
  • Untwist the wire cage around the cork and remove it – place the wire cage into your pocket. From this point on keep your thumb on the cork, just in case it pops out unexpectedly
  • Hold the bottle firmly
  • Twist the bottle to loosen the cork, keeping the pressure on the cork to ensure it does not pop. Do not twist the cork, twist the bottle
  • Allow the cork to come out slowly without a large pop sound – you may need to use your thumb to work the cork out of a stubborn bottle
  • Hold the now open bottle at an angle of 45º to help reduce the likelihood of wine escaping or foaming from the bottle – holding the bottle at a 45º angle creates a much larger wine surface area at the top of the bottle providing more space for gas to escape.

Any wine that smells obviously ‘off’ must not be served but discarded and another bottle obtained.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Nick Hyland

Subject Matter: Provide Silver Service

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