Steps to Remove Wine’s Cork in Silver Service

Steps to Remove Wine’s Cork in Silver Service

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Steps to Remove Wine’s Cork in Silver Service – Hello Ajarian! After customer approved the condition of the wine bottle you brought, you may open and serve it to the customer. As a reminder, opening wine bottles may present a slight danger of cutting yourself. So, you need to open it carefully and safely.

Here the steps of removing wine’s cork for silver service:

  • Cut the seal with the knife on the waiter’s friend – take care not to cut yourself
  • Maintain a firm grip on the bottle while cutting the seal – to make sure you don’t drop the bottle
  • Once the top of the seal is cut off, place the loose piece into your pocket
  • Place the very tip of the waiter’s friend into the centre of the cork – then apply pressure onto the handle and twist the corkscrew in parallel to the glass neck of the bottle
  • Twist the corkscrew until only two twists on the corkscrew are left visible – if you twist the worm too far, the point of the corkscrew will push through the cork and send little pieces of cork into the wine
  • Secure the lever to the lip of the bottle – support the lever firmly using pressure from your wrist with your index finger or thumb
  • Pull the body of the waiter’s friend towards you, ensuring your thumb continues to apply pressure to the hooked lever against the bottle
  • Keep pulling until the cork is 3/4 way out of the bottle
  • Using your index finger and thumb, twist the cork out of the bottle – make sure you do not ‘pop’ the cork but remove it gently
  • Remove the cork from the corkscrew
  • Red wine corks may be presented to the guest – white wine corks may be put in the pocket of your trousers or jacket
  • The waiter’s friend can be likewise placed in the pocket of your trousers or jacket – or left at the waiter’s station or bar.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Nick Hyland

Subject Matter: Provide Silver Service

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