Techniques to Produce Chocolate Based Fillings, Coatings and Decorations

Techniques to Produce Chocolate Based Fillings, Coatings and Decorations

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Techniques to Produce Chocolate Based Fillings, Coatings and Decorations – Hello Ajarian! Chocolate is very versatile for making desserts. You can use it for fillings, coatings, and decorations that will elevate your dish. However, there are several techniques you need to know to craft the chocolate and make the most of out it.

  1. Whisking: Using a wire whisk to emulsify melted couverture and boiled cream to make a ganache.
  2. Folding: Gentle motion of combining two or more ingredients.
  3. Piping: Using a piping bag to fill preformed ganache moulds and chocolate moulds with flavoured fillings.
  4. Flooding: A technique where the outline of a shape is traced with one colour chocolate and then the space inside is filled with another of contrasting colour. The drawing needs to be 'reversed out' or turned over to reveal the true picture.
  5. Stencilling: Modern styles for this are on pre-printed acetate. These are cut to size and placed on chocolate pieces while chocolate is still wet. When the chocolate sets the acetate is peeled off leaving the design imprinted on the chocolate.
  6. Enrobing: Covering completely in chocolate to encase a product. Can be done by hand or on conveyer belt enrobers attached to cooling tunnels to cure or set the chocolate so it can be safely handled with gloved hands. It is important to handle chocolate pieces with a glove covering the hands due to the oil in the human skin can leave a 'mark' on the sheen of chocolate.
  7. Depositing: The action of placing chocolate into moulds or filling preformed shells.

Remember, before you start producing chocolate fillings, coatings or decorations, ensure all your ingredients, utensils and required workspace are suitable and available. Then, you can start working on the recipe.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Garry Blackburn

Subject Matter: Prepare chocolate and produce chocolate products

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