The 4 Types of Hotel Customers

The 4 Types of Hotel Customers

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The 4 Types of Hotel Customers – Hello Ajarian! Good sales staff require training and experience to understand the various types of customers. While all face-to-face sales require an ‘approach’, you need to know that different customers may require different approaches.

In this article, will explain the approaches that can be used to maximize sales opportunities with certain customer types.

1. The ‘Me, Now’ Customer
Some customers are very demanding – not necessarily rude, but they want what they want, and they want it immediately. Do not get upset with these people – they really are brilliant customers. They know what they want, are not really interested in your input, and are not usually concerned with how much it costs.

Unfortunately, this customer can also be the sort that believes being ‘loud and obnoxious’ is the way to get what they want because you will be motivated to do what they want in order to get rid of them. When confronted by the loud and obnoxious type, involve your supervisor and learn from their actions. It is important not to be bullied into breaching company policy.

Where the customer just wants quick service, straightaway, make sure you:

  • Avoid presenting alternatives
  • Avoid making comparisons
  • Avoid raising the idea of discounts or Specials deals
  • Be direct and clear...
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