The Characteristic of A Professional Valet

The Characteristic of A Professional Valet

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The Characteristic of A Professional Valet – Hello Ajarian! The work performed by a valet requires them to possess a unique set of personal characteristics because a valet needs to be able to perform a range of technical skills. This includes serving food and drinks, cleaning and folding clothes, shining shoes and making reservations.

In order to deliver the services required by a guest and fulfill the expectations of guests, a valet must possess all of the following personal characteristics as a minimum requirement in order to make their guests feel comfortable, valued and respected.

  1. Tact and diplomacy
    Tact may be seen as the ability to know when to say something and when not to say something. It also means being able to say what needs to be said without giving offense, without making people feel uncomfortable or ignorant. Diplomacy is the skill of applying tact to situations so the outcome is beneficial to the valet and their guest. The two terms ‘tact’ and ‘diplomacy’ are commonly used together.

A person who is effective with tact is said to be ‘tactful’, while a person who applies tact very well is regarded as being ‘diplomatic’.

  1. Discretion
    Exercising discretion means being discrete. In practice, this means demonstrating the ability to judge when to ignore...
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