The Correct Oven Condition for Baking Bakery Products

The Correct Oven Condition for Baking Bakery Products

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The Correct Oven Condition for Baking Bakery Products – Hello Ajarian! There are so many bakery products that we can find in the stores. As a pastry chef, you have already known that different bakery product requires a different way of baking. These are some ways to bake based on the type of the bakery.

  1. Bread baking
    Bread is baked in oven at temperatures ranging from 180ºC – 250ºC. Average baking temperature for bread is 220ºC – 230ºC. Dryer crust is lower temperature as for pasta dura Italian style bread. Crisp crust French Style Bread is baked hotter with steam to give crisper crust.
  2. Yeast goods
    Yeast raised doughs contain more sugar than bread. On average more than 5%, including fruit buns, scrolls, cinnamon buns, danish pastry, rum babas, savarins, doughnuts. They should be baked in temperature 180ºC – 200ºC.
  3. Morning goods
    Morning goods normally consumed in the morning hours before lunch. They are usually baked in temperature 180ºC – 200ºC. This is because they contain sugar. Product baked with sugar will darken on the crust quicker than bread. To control the browning of the crust product is baked at lower temperature.

Before baking bakery product, you should make sure the oven is working properly, and don’t forget to match the temperature with the bakery product.

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