The Correct Oven Settings for Baking Cakes and Sponges

The Correct Oven Settings for Baking Cakes and Sponges

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The Correct Oven Settings for Baking Cakes and Sponges – Hello Ajarian! Beside learning the techniques, as a professional pastry chef or baker you also need to know the correct oven settings when baking cakes and sponges like gateaux or tortes.

Both cake and sponge has their own oven settings to achieve perfect looking products. Oven condition also can affect these factors:

  • Color
  • Shape
  • Crust structure
  • Temperature
  • Rack position
  • Cooking times
  • Moisture

To bake perfect looking cakes, you can apply this setting to the oven:

  • Solid heat of 150ºC – 180ºC will depend on cake size and thickness. Oven should be ‘solid’ heat (bring to temperature and stabilise by holding at this temperature for 15 – 20 minutes before placing cakes in oven).
  • To prevent premature colouring of cake surfaces, they may be covered with sheets of clean paper or a baking tray may be placed on top of the cakes for approximately 50% of the baking time.
  • To test when cakes are baked, use a thermometer to determine the internal temperature.
  • The baking process is complete when the centre of the product has reached gelatinisation temperature (87ºC– 90ºC). Further baking beyond this point will only dry the product and reduce shelf life.
  • A fine skewer may be inserted into the cake which should come out clean if cake...
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