The Correct Steps to Pull Boiled Sugar

The Correct Steps to Pull Boiled Sugar

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The Correct Steps to Pull Boiled Sugar – Hello Ajarian! Pulling boiled sugar is a process which used to change the sugar mass from a clear and glassy appearance to an opaque, silky and shiny finish.

As the sugar mass cools, continue to fold the cooler edges in to the warmer center mass, moving it to cooler areas of the marble slab to help the cooling process. If the sugar has stopped spreading out and forms a smooth ball, it is ready to be pulled.

Here is the correct steps to pull boiled sugar:

  1. Gently grip the sugar with gloved hands and stretch it out with a twisting motion
  2. Fold the sugar in half, grabbing both ends again and repeat the stretching and twisting motion, trapping in air as you twist and fold the sugar back in, onto itself. Repeat this process approximately 15 times until you have a silky, satin sheen.
  3. Test the sugar for colour and shin by producing a leaf shape:
  • Cut a small portion of sugar away from the sugar mass and fold the sugar in on itself to form a small ball
  • Flatten out one side and pinch the edge of the sugar at the centre point with both hands and tear the sugar in opposite directions to form a very thin strip
  • Form a fine pulled petal shape by grasping the centre of the thin sugar with your thumb and forefinger drawing it out and away from the sugar mass
  1. If the sheen fits your expectation, stretch the...
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