The Correct Timing to Serve Beverages in Silver Service

The Correct Timing to Serve Beverages in Silver Service

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The Correct Timing to Serve Beverages in Silver Service – Hello Ajarian! The required timeframes for the service of most beverages is ‘as soon as possible’, which can be translated into ‘immediately’ in most cases.

Serving drinks ‘immediately’ achieves the following quality factors:

  • Maintenance of the service of beverages as they are intended to be – customers get cold drinks that are cold and hot drinks that are hot
  • Delivery of high levels of customer service – where the drinks are part of a takeaway service, a prime requirement for these takeaway customers is speed of service as well as taste, value-for-money, etc.

In limited circumstances, there may be a need to synchronise the service of drinks with other items, such as the service of non-alcoholic drinks prepared by waiters with alcoholic drinks and the service of food. The situations may include:

  • In bar situations where snacks are provided with drinks, such as nuts, chips etc
  • Initial service of drinks should come quickly
  • Refills of drinks to coincide with next food courses
  • Coffees and cakes are often served together
  • Where beverages compliment the meal, such as:
  • Wines to accompany courses: where a pre-dinner drink has been ordered to precede a bottle of wine to accompany the entrée or the main course, the wine must be served prior to the service of the food whether or not the predinner drinks are finished
  • Dessert wines or coffee that is served with dessert
  • Ports and cheese
  • Champagne and birthday cakes or other celebrations.

Regardless of the reason for synchronised food and beverage service, co-ordination with food service staff, the kitchen or bar staff is a must. Communication is the key. Any advanced warning that may be given will certainly help to ensure any food and beverage items that are to be served together are done so in a timely and appropriate manner.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Nick Hyland

Subject Matter: Provide Silver Service

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