The Cost of Operating an In-House Laundry

The Cost of Operating an In-House Laundry

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The Cost of Operating an In-House Laundry – Hello Ajarian! An in-house laundry is a facility where the laundry is situated somewhere within the hotel. The hotel will be able to process all hotel linens for use in hotel rooms and restaurants.

In some cases, the hotel may also have a dry cleaning facility which will enable them to process all items needing to be dry-cleaned including guests’ clothing and hotel soft furnishings. Having an in-house laundry facility may cost more than using off-premise laundry service. The costs of operating a laundry or dry cleaning operation are many and varied.

These include:

  1. The initial capital outlay for all pieces of laundry and dry cleaning equipment and its installation.
  2. All ongoing maintenance costs for all laundry machinery.
  3. The recruitment, induction, and training of all laundry staff.
  4. All payroll costs including weekly wages, staff benefits, holidays and additional leave payments.
  5. The initial cost of purchasing all linen items that are used both in Housekeeping and Food and Beverage departments.
  6. The ongoing purchasing of replacement linen items which wear out or are prematurely damaged either through misuse or poor laundering techniques.
  7. The cost of all utilities including electricity, gas, water, air conditioning, and sewage disposal costs.
  8. The maintenance of the main boiler and water testing and treatments.
  9. ...
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