The Efficient and Effective Use of the Telephone

The Efficient and Effective Use of the Telephone

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The Efficient and Effective Use of the Telephone – Hello Ajarian! Efficient and effective use of the telephone requires skill in using and knowledge of, the telephone system and the procedures and policies. All staff who use the telephone need to use appropriate telephone techniques.

Well-developed telephone techniques will display an impression of professionalism and provide excellent service. In this article, would like to share with you about important telephone techniques that applicable in hospitality industry.

  1. Clarify caller requirements
    Use your questioning and listening skills to clarify what the caller has requested. By clarifying the information from caller, you showed the genuine interest and willingness to assist their requirements. Learn more about The Importance of Questioning in Communication and Two Types of Listening Techniques
  2. Repeat names, dates and times
    Whenever guests give you details like their name make sure you spell it correctly. If you are not sure about the spelling then ask the guest to spell it. Read the letters back to the guest for clarification. Using the phonetic alphabet will help with misunderstanding...
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