The Emerging Technological Trends in Tourism Industry

The Emerging Technological Trends in Tourism Industry

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The Emerging Technological Trends in Tourism Industry – Hello Ajarian! The travel & tourism industry is all about connections; connecting people, places, and cultures. Using new technologies, social media, and social networks can help to foster the connections that we share.

Importance of technology

In most industries technology greatly impacts on all aspects of operations. In most cases, the improvements in technology have been immensely beneficial for the industry. It has made the world a smaller place and made it easier for businesses to get in touch with customers.

Technology has simplified and streamlined the way we operate. In summary, technology is one of the greatest positive impacts on a business, regardless of industry.

Whilst many people are wary of technology, with some stating it is a threat in a “service & people oriented” industry, technology is extremely beneficial to improve service, not replace it.

So what technological trends do we expect to see impact on the tourism industry in the future?

The internet is a great tool to research and identify technological trends and their likely impact on industry and how we operate.

Role of technology

The main aim of technology in the tourism industry is the development of competitive advantages by both reducing cost and enhancing differentiation and unique selling points. The main ways technology...

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