The End-of-Shift Duties of A Room Attendant

The End-of-Shift Duties of A Room Attendant

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The End-of-Shift Duties of A Room Attendant – Hello Ajarian! The duty of a room attendant is not over yet even when all rooms are already cleaned. There are a few end-of-shift duties that must be done. The purpose of these duties is to prepare for the next shift.

In this article, will explain the end-of-shift duties of a room attendant. Let’s read further below!

  1. Complete required records and reports
    As room attendants work alone or in pairs for the majority of their shift, written communication is vital to ensure information is recorded and shared with other housekeeping team members.

Some of the records and notifications are written by room attendants on a daily basis include:

  • Room status records
  • Lost property reports
  • Ordering of supplies
  • Handover reports
  • Loaned items
  • Maintenance requests
  • Time sheets.
  1. Dispose all rubbish
    Staff has a responsibility to dispose of rubbish in a way that poses minimal hazards to all stakeholders. Anyone who handles rubbish is at risk or injury and illness if it is not handled correctly.

There are two main types of rubbish in hospitality environments: general rubbish and hazardous rubbish. General rubbish includes paper and boxes, bottles,...

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