The Legislative Safety and Security Requirements

The Legislative Safety and Security Requirements

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The Legislative Safety and Security Requirements – Hello Ajarian! Every business is, by law, required to implement and follow the health, safety and welfare relevant to the country and/or region in which they are located. This is a mandatory, non-negotiable requirement applicable to all organizations.

‘Legislated sources’ refers to ‘laws of the country’ or ‘statutes’ (legislation) as described and provided for by:

  • Acts of Parliament
  • Subsidiary Regulations provided for under certain Acts
  • Compulsory ‘Codes of Practice’ provided for under Acts and/or Regulations.

It is possible the above can exist at both national level and local level.

Where legislation exists at both national and local level, the traditional situation is the national legislation takes priority over local laws.

Identification of legislated obligations with which an organization needs to comply can be determined by:

  • Contacting local agencies and authorities with responsibility for health, safety and welfare issues – either in person, via telephone or using the Internet
  • Speaking to peak industry bodies – who always have a good understanding of what is required and often have specialist legal advisers to assist in this regard
  • Communicating with management and/or trainers of the organization – who will know what is required and...
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