The Main Duties of a Butler

The Main Duties of a Butler

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The Main Duties of a Butler – Hello Ajarian! A butler, sometimes also known as a ‘valet’, is employed by a hotel to provide a personalized and specialist service to guests for the duration of their stay.

They add a degree of service, class, and style many people associate with indulgence and opulence.

Butler services are not common. Certainly, not all hotels provide valet service and the position may not exist in some countries. Many hotels will only supply a ‘valet parking’ service.

However international guests may have very high levels of expectation in relation to the service provided by butlers, especially American and Japanese guests. Many expect the same level of service provided by other up-market hotels around the world.

The main duties of a butler refer to the services they provide to their guests. The Position Description for ‘butler’ at your venue will provide a good starting point regarding what they are expected to do.

The nature and extent of these services will vary between guests with some guests demanding constant attention and others requiring little in the way of butler service.

Services can include, but are not limited to:

  1. Professionally and confidentially communicating – with the guest and on behalf of the guest
  2. Unpacking and storing guest luggage
  3. Preparing guest clothes and footwear...
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