The Method of Clarifying to Make Clear Soup (Consommé)

The Method of Clarifying to Make Clear Soup (Consommé)

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The Method of Clarifying to Make Clear Soup (Consommé) – Hello Ajarian! A clear soup is made by taking a well flavored stock and clarifying that stock so only a clear liquid remains. To clarify a stock is to remove all impurities that might be in the stock in form of small particles of flesh or congealed blood.

The method of clarifying is simple, you only need to trap the particles in a bonding of protein:

  1. Take egg white and mix with a small portion of very lean minced meat, aromatics are normally added to this mix like sauté onions, carrots. Mix egg thoroughly into meat mixture and place into cold stock
  2. Bring slowly to the boil. While the mixture is coming to the boil do not disturb or stir the mixture. As the liquid heats up all the protein will bond together and float to the top as a raft. As a raft floats on water so will this meat raft float
  3. Do not allow liquid to boil rapidly as this may cause the raft to break up and contaminate the liquid
  4. The object is to allow the meat to cook to extract as much food value and flavor as possible from the ingredients
  5. The impurities will become trapped in the congealed protein structure of the egg white and minced meat and this is how the liquid becomes clear.

Although consomme can be time-consuming and some of the directions may seem a little bit fussy, making perfect, clear consomme is not that difficult. The keys to make a delicious consommé are patience and impeccable ingredients.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Garry Blackburn

Subject Matter: Prepare soups

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