The Rule of 7Cs in Writing Business Documents

The Rule of 7Cs in Writing Business Documents

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The Rule of 7Cs in Writing Business Documents – Hello Ajarian! Good workplace writing results from thoughtful planning, writing in plain English and careful editing. Each stage is part of the writing process. Thus, what things do you need to consider during your writing business documents?

At the planning stage, take time to identify your purpose, consider your receiver, decide what you want to say and put this in a logical sequence.

At the editing stage check your work for accuracy and completeness and make sure that your writing is logical, clear and concise.

At the writing stage, your tools are words, sentences, paragraphs, and layout. Make sure you convey your meaning concisely and courteously. The receiver of business correspondence wants to understand what should happen, why it should happen and how to go about making it happen.

The main purpose when writing in plain English is to get the message across.

The Rule of 7Cs

Most businesses have standard formats for the layout and style of the documents they produce. These are called 'templates'.

When writing Business Correspondence, we generally consider the rule of the “7 Cs ". This means that all of your work should be:

  1. Clear - able to be understood in one reading by the recipient;
  2. Concise - conveying what has to be stated with a minimum of words,...
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