The Skills and Knowledge Required to Make Sandwiches

The Skills and Knowledge Required to Make Sandwiches

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The Skills and Knowledge Required to Make Sandwiches – Hello Ajarian! The role of sandwiches and their derivations cannot be underestimated in commercial kitchens and in the hospitality industry. It may be considered a lower-skilled job but it can be very profitable product to sell.

An employer will require those making sandwiches to possess a certain mix of knowledge and skills including:

  1. Creative presentation techniques for sandwiches – so as to:
  • Make the finished product look attractive
  • Create a point of difference between ‘your’ sandwiches etc. and those prepared by other businesses
  • Maintain consistency of appearance – which helps meet customer expectations and provides an enticing product
  1. Logical and time-efficient workflow when preparing items – which is essential in optimizing productivity, reducing labor costs, speeding production
  2. Safe work practices – especially in relation to cutting and slicing, the basic knife skills that apply to other cooking tasks apply equally to the preparation of sandwiches
  3. Waste minimization techniques – to reduce product cost (‘cost of goods sold’) and optimize profit
  4. Communication skills – to enable you to listen, understand and clarify customer requirements, and to allow you to provide information to customers about options available to them. Communication skills are also useful in helping to interpret the non-verbal communication of customers
  5. Problem-solving skills – to enable you to deal with a range of potential issues that can arise such as:
  • Dealing with shortages of food items – by determining alternatives that can be used for items which have run out; by sourcing items in the immediate short-term from another department or supplier; by identifying alternative products to sandwiches, rolls
  • Coping with mistakes which can occur for time-to-time – such as making the wrong sandwiches, preparing incorrect fillings, cutting the sandwiches incorrectly
  • Handling problems which can be encountered as part of the sandwich-making task such as absences of utensils, staff shortages, insufficient workspace, equipment failure (slicers, cool rooms, packaging equipment) and raw materials which are not expected
  1. Interpersonal skills – which are always helpful in any customer-contact situation
  2. Selling skills – to optimize sales and enhance customer satisfaction (by buying a product that genuinely suits their need)
  3. Literacy skills – to allow you to read orders, menus, directions
  4. Numeracy skills – to enable you to calculate quantities and portions against orders which have.

Sandwiches play a significant role in catering for parties and in-house events, as well as maintaining a central position in the daily eating of people from all over the world. As cuisine and fashionable menu items change on a regular basis, so does the way sandwiches are put together and served and to customers.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Garry Blackburn

Subject Matter: Prepare a variety of sandwiches

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