The Use of Arrival List

The Use of Arrival List

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The Use of Arrival List – Hello Ajarian! The Arrivals List provides information to many departments, one of which is uninformed Staff, where it assists the porter in efficiently checking all incoming guest requests and information. In some hotels, this may include a photo of the guest to aid recognition.

Whether the Arrival List is manually or computer generated, the information found on it must always be treated in the strictest of confidence and should never be left unattended for public viewing.

Information found on an Arrivals List may vary from hotel to hotel, but can be expected to include:

  • Arrival date and method of travel, the estimated time of arrival (ETA).
  • The departure date and the estimated time of departure (ETD).
  • The guest’s name, or the name of the reservation.
  • The number of guests.
  • The room type and special requirements for room features.
  • The market segment.
  • The room rate and whether the booking was guaranteed or not.
  • Any special requests that have to be prepared, for example, removal of the mini bar or a charger for an iPhone.

The Arrivals List is a necessary tool in the planning undertaken to receive guests. It helps to inform the management and staff of details and special requirements. Beside, you can also use the arrival list for the purposes below:

  1. Staffing Levels


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