The Warning Signs of Dissatisfied Customers in Hospitality Industry

The Warning Signs of Dissatisfied Customers in Hospitality Industry

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The Warning Signs of Dissatisfied Customers in Hospitality Industry – Hello Ajarian! At all times during a shift, you should be aware of various 'warning signs' which may be displayed by a customer which can indicate dissatisfaction, problem, or conflict exist or is imminent. These warning signs will always be either verbal, non-verbal or a combination of both. 

A customer may indicate there is a conflict situation by:

  1. Looking angry or aggressive – this is part of their non-verbal communication and an aspect which frequently is very accurate at reflecting their state of mind. When a customer looks angry or aggressive, it is a sure sign that is exactly how they are feeling.
  2. Appearing flustered or frustrated – the majority of your customers are in an environment strange to them, and it is to be expected they are somewhat confused to begin with simply by virtue of being in strange surroundings. You need to be able to differentiate this level of confusion from the higher level of frustration accompanying the onset of conflict. The fluster and frustration associated with conflict is usually more intense and often accompanied by other verbal and non-verbal cues too (such as threats, swearing and gesticulating).
  3. Displaying contorted facial expressions – many people are unwilling to verbalize their anger or frustration so they 'make do' with 'pulling faces' about the situation....
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