Tips for Composing Emails

Tips for Composing Emails

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Tips for Composing Emails – Hello Ajarian! Emails are electronic. Letters often use paper. Compared to letters, emails are faster, cheaper, easier to sort and file, also tree saving (you don’t have to print out every email). In the days before email, memos were printed and sent to staff. Now, you can send memos by computer, so memos and emails are almost the same thing.

Emails can be made in different programs (MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express). But the parts of an email are usually the same. And the actions (reply, save, delete, add attachments) that you can do are usually the same, too.

Some email programs have features (font type, font size, text alignment, bullets, underline, bold, adds pictures and more) that are the same as the programs for writing letters. You can make emails look as good as letters.

To produce an email, you first need to open the email program and then get a New Message on the computer’s screen. You should have the necessary information and communication technology skills to open email programs. Let’s begin with learning about parts of the email:

Parts of the email

To fill in the “To”: box, first, you need the person’s address. For other staff members, usually this is easy to find. For guests:

  • Use the property’s database. Guest information often includes their email address.
  • Look...
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