Tips for Returning Lost and Found Items

Tips for Returning Lost and Found Items

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Tips for Returning Lost and Found Items – Hello Ajarian! The job of physically returning a found item to a guest can be the responsibility of a variety of workers. In this article, we will identify who may have responsibility and presents the communication options commonly used to advise staff in relation to facilitating the return of the item.

The staff responsible for returning found items to guests/customers will depend on:

  • The type of hotel where the item was found.
  • The size of the operation.
  • The structure of the business and the different roles within it.
  • Where the item was found.
  • Whether the item is to be returned to a guest/customer who is on the premises.
  • Whether the item needs to be forwarded locally, nationally or internationally.
  • Special arrangements/requests made by the owner – for example, insisting the item is air-freighted to them.

Staff with this responsibility can therefore range from management/owner-level through to basic operational staff, and include: housekeeping staff, floor supervisors, concierge, porters, security staff, general assistants, sales and service staff, reception/front office staff.

Points to note

When processing the return of a found item to a guest/customer it is vital to:

  1. Work quickly – once the guest/customer has been advised their item has been...
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