Tips on Creating a New Cocktail

Tips on Creating a New Cocktail

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Tips on Creating a New Cocktail – Hello Ajarian! A new cocktail recipe must be evaluated against certain criteria including the eye appeal, texture, flavor, temperature and compliance with enterprise policies. Other than that, these are some helpful tips you might need to consider before making a new cocktail:

  1. Obtain permission from management before you start experimenting with their expensive liquor
  2. Set aside designated times for experiments rather than trying to fit them into normal workplace duties
  3. Create a dedicated assortment of beverages and ingredients used only for developing or testing new cocktails to avoid problems associated with determining the financial performance of the cocktail bar
  4. Be prepared to fine-tune a recipe. A small variation to an existing recipe can result in the creation of a new cocktail. Fine-tuning can relate to adding more or less of an ingredient, adding or removing an ingredient and swapping one ingredient for another.

Creating new cocktail is not your daily routine. However, there are various sources to capture new recipes, for example:

  1. Contact liquor suppliers or sales representatives and ask them what they have and what they have heard of. Many have useful websites and hard copy materials you can use
  2. Attend cocktail mixing competitions to see what they do. The idea is to learn from their creations and combinations, and from what they use
  3. Visit retail liquor outlets and become familiar with the promotions and new products available on the market. A new product might spark a thought about a new cocktail
  4. Get on the Internet and type ‘cocktail recipes’ in the search engine. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of cocktail recipes to be found in cyberspace
  5. Read industry magazines
  6. Run an in-house competition between staff or involve customers. This is a good way of creating interest in cocktails and generating involvement of customers
  7. Read some of the hundreds of cocktail books available. Just changing or adding (or perhaps removing) one ingredient can create a new cocktail. See the suggested titles in this manual.

New cocktail recipes are being made daily in bars all around the world. However, developing and tasting cocktails can become expensive, so it is important all new cocktail recipes and titles are well-considered and thought through before you start.

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Written by: Alan Hickman

Subject Matter: Prepare and serve cocktails

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