Tips on Purchasing Shellfish

Tips on Purchasing Shellfish

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Tips on Purchasing Shellfish – Hello Ajarian! Shellfish or crustacean and molluscs can be purchased fresh, frozen, cooked, in shell or meat only. Restaurant should decide what is going to be presented on the menu to determine which product will be purchased.

After decision is made, hotel or restaurant approach the marketplace and purchase the commodity required. Usually, most crustacean will be purchased whole in the shell with life or not live condition like chilled or frozen.

To determine crustacean quality, here are some points you need to look:

  • Color
  • All body parts attached
  • Shell is not cracked
  • Smells fresh

Beside the quality points mentioned above, if there is not much movement from the crustacean, it is near death or dying. This is important if your workplace considered to buy live crustacean. Lots of movement indicates that the crustacean is healthy.


Mollusc can be purchased in the shell fresh or frozen. If mollusc purchased fresh then consideration needs to be allowed for time out of the water. Size of shellfish will determine price and amount per serve.


Meat can be purchased and is sliced into thin pieces before being tenderized. Most are pan-fried. Some recipes will call for meat to be minced and sold as burgers.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Garry Blackburn

Subject Matter: Prepare and cook seafood

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