Tips to Clean and Maintain Room Service Trolleys

Tips to Clean and Maintain Room Service Trolleys

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Tips to Clean and Maintain Room Service Trolleys – Hello Ajarian! Room service staff are responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of all equipment. The hotel or resort will have procedures and policies about what and where to clean.

These are some tips to clean and maintain room service trolleys:

  • Using the right equipment and chemicals for cleaning trolleys. This is important because using the wrong equipment or chemical may damage the surface and/or the equipment or not clean properly.
  • Maintaining equipment in good working order and storing it appropriately are important to prevent maintenance and injury and lengthen the life span of the equipment.
  • Even though equipment is checked at the commencement of the shift, it is important to take the time to check it again at the end of the shift, because during the day, while using the equipment, it may have sustained damaged.
  • When storing trolleys, don’t store trolleys in walkways, doorways or passages. Prevent damage by storing and cleaning the trolleys according to the manufacturer instructions.
  • When cleaning trolleys there are different surfaces and materials to clean, pay specific attention to the wheels and other exposed areas. Trolleys need to be checked for food spillage and food scraps caught in moving parts of the trolley.
  • Hot boxes also need specialist cleaning and sanitising. Also Hot boxes need to be checked for electrical faults and when clean hot boxes may need to be plugged into the power to warm them before use.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Evelyn Collins, Linda Wilson

Subject Matter: Provide Room Service

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