Tips to Deal with Cross-Cultural Misunderstandings

Tips to Deal with Cross-Cultural Misunderstandings

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Tips to Deal with Cross-Cultural Misunderstandings – Hello Ajarian! Where cross-cultural misunderstandings occur, efforts to resolve the situation should be made with the person concerned. This applies whether you identified the problem in the first place, or if the situation was brought to your attention by the person themselves or a third party.

But addressing difficulties and resolving them is not always a straight-forward task or one that can be readily achieved. There are bound to be many situations where, despite your best efforts and most determined attempts, there seems nothing you can do to rectify or retrieve the situations.

That’s when you must make sure you don’t just give up and walk away. This is when you must go and get help from others.

Keys in involving other people are to:

  • Make every genuine and realistic effort to resolve the issue yourself – try not to develop a reputation for needing other people to fight your battles.
  • Act quickly once the decision to involve someone else has been taken – don’t delay. Delays only inflame a bad situation. 
  • Make sure you give them all the facts – this includes the good, the bad and the ugly: you must tell them all that was said, all that was done including the bits that may not reflect well on you. Telling lies about the situation only makes it more difficult to fix the problem and the truth usually comes...
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