Tips to Display Gateaux, Tortes and Cakes Nicely

Tips to Display Gateaux, Tortes and Cakes Nicely

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Tips to Display Gateaux, Tortes and Cakes Nicely – Hello Ajarian! After gateaux, tortes and cakes decorated you should display them nicely to catch customer eyes and increase sales. Below are some tips you can apply when displaying gateaux, tortes and cakes:

  • Gateaux, tortes and cakes can be displayed in a display fridge or a dessert buffet
  • A well presented display increases eye appeal and may persuade costumers to order a slice or buy a whole cake when they see it
  • Keep your cakes seasonal as rich chocolate and cream cakes will sell well in winter but in summer light cakes with fresh fruits sell better
  • When displaying cakes for any situation it is important to keep everything clean, neat and tidy
  • Don’t leave 1/3 of the cake with crumbs lying around the plate
  • Appropriate silver cake servers can also be used to make an impression on the customer. To be carried away, the cake need to be rested on a cake board slightly larger than the actual cake
  • A lace doyley placed under the cake adds to the visual pleasure but make sure the cake is cut before hand as not to damage the doyley.

Those are some useful tips to increase the display look of your gateaux, tortes and cakes. Always remember that every bakery, patisserie or restaurant have their own requirements for displaying cakes.

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Written by: Alan Hickman,...

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