Tips to Display Petit Four Sec

Tips to Display Petit Four Sec

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Tips to Display Petit Four Sec – Hello Ajarian! Petit for 'sec' or petit four dry’s worst enemy is moisture from the air. Fresh petit four sec should be crisp to the bite and if allowed to stand exposed for too long in the open will lose that crispness and be dull to eat. Petit four 'sec' is best displayed:

  • Long rows on plates or platters
  • If served individually they should be placed on plates evenly spaced
  • 3- 4 pieces per person is normal.

If they have been out on display and not consumed then they are then discarded.

As per Food Safety Plan (FSP) requirements, any food that has been on display or served to customers and not consumed then it needs to be discarded because 'control' has been lost.

Attractively displayed petits fours are great product for catching the customers’ attention. They look most attractive when arranged neatly and with thought given to the repetition or alternation of shapes, colours, and decorations.

Decorated petits fours (in particular the iced variety) lend themselves to immaculate craftsmanship and decorating skills. To attract the respect for this work, a neat uncluttered, clean and tidy display is essential. This greatly affects the visual impact and appreciation of the viewer and will tempt the customer to indulge.

All varieties of petits fours are best if served fresh. Displaying on ceramics plates and platters, glass mirrors trays can look very effective in buffet style service. Individual serves of 3-4 pieces per plate is for effective for modern coffee service.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Garry Blackburn

Subject Matter: Prepare and display petit fours

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