Tips to Dispose Spoiled Products

Tips to Dispose Spoiled Products

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Tips to Dispose Spoiled Products – Hello Ajarian! As identified in previous article, the importance of hygienic handling of food and beverage is essential to ensure that all products are maintained in a condition that is safe for human consumption. (Read more on How to Maintain Cleanliness of Food Display)

To date, we have focused on how to keep food and beverage safe for consumption, but it is important to also manage practices which can lead to food becoming contaminated or spoilt.

As a general rule, any food that is left in the Temperature Danger Zone should be replaced after 30 minutes.

However this may need to be done sooner for a number of reasons, such as food appears to be spoilt, unappealing or has physically deteriorated from its desired state. This could include:

  • Food that has dried out or developed a crust.
  • Food that has sweated or thawed.
  • Food that has changed color of consistency.
  • Food items have been compromised due to hygiene risks, by staff, customers or the environment.
  • Customers have touched, sneezed or coughed directly onto food.
  • Customers have tasted food.
  • Food has dropped on the floor.
  • Food items have been mixed together at the buffet or display table.

Not only food, but you also...

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