Tips to Identify and Report Problem When Serving Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Tips to Identify and Report Problem When Serving Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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Tips to Identify and Report Problem When Serving Non-Alcoholic Beverages – Hello Ajarian! Before serving non-alcoholic beverages, you should make sure that everything is under control. If a problem occurs, you should report it to the appropriate person so they can solve the problem immediately.

These are some example of problems which may occur in your workplace:

  • Customer complaints. These can be about anything: products served, other customers, comfort (noise, temperature)
  • Out of date stock is being used – stock rotation needs attention
  • Food not being handled, stored or processed in hygienic manner giving rise to possible food poisoning
  • Poor personal hygiene practices being used by staff
  • Frayed electrical cords on equipment. This is a safety issue
  • Equipment not achieving or maintaining the required temperature or steam pressure
  • Quality of product has dropped. This is common in situations where there are problems associated with refrigerated and/or frozen storage, or where mechanical or electrical equipment is not processing ingredients as required
  • Equipment is blocked in some way due to overuse or improper regular cleaning
  • Item cannot be turned on or off
  • Item cannot be adjusted as required. Sometimes a piece of equipment will work but you may not be able to, for example, adjust speed, temperature or settings
  • Water not flowing into the machine
  • Temperature is not as required. This may include heating elements not heating up, or refrigeration units, freezers or ice cream machines (and similar) not achieving their required temperature for holding and/or processing drinks
  • Part of a machine is missing  Machine guards have loosened or fallen off
  • Missing equipment – the entire item has disappeared.

However, depends on the situation if you can solve the problem by yourself, you still can do some actions below:

  • Removing the item from use where there is a health, hygiene or food related risk
  • Contacting service technicians to initiate a service call to fix the problem
  • Obtaining a replacement item for use in the immediate short-term
  • Acknowledging the item cannot be repaired and buying a new item. Always apologize to customers where necessary

The appropriate person depends on where you work. They could be your supervisor, duty manager or the owner. It is important issues and problems are reported immediately so appropriate remedial action can be taken or arranged as soon as possible. A verbal report is usually sufficient but there may be a need to complete a form such as a Maintenance Request form.

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Written by: Alan Hickman

Subject Matter: Prepare and Serve Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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