Tips to Prepare Buffet Centerpieces

Tips to Prepare Buffet Centerpieces

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Tips to Prepare Buffet Centerpieces – Hello Ajarian! One of the most important aspects of a buffet is to display it attractively. To enhance the look, buffet is often decorated with a centerpiece prepared by the cook or chef to show the customers the artistic skill of the kitchen staff.

Buffet centerpieces is the main decoration placed on the table to enhance the theme and presentation of the buffet. It is generally large and the customer’s eye is drawn to it and is of an edible nature. There are also buffet table decorations, these are usually smaller in nature, but still should be of edible nature and can be very simple to enhance your presentation.

What is the difference between center piece and table decorations?

Usually, centerpieces are large and stand out on the table, which would blend in with the theme of the buffet. Table decorations are usually smaller but should still be of an edible nature. To create centerpieces, use culinary herbs and edible flowers so that will not go limp too quickly. For example, rosemary stems and bay leaf branches.

Tablecloths, ribbons, napkins etc. would come under the FOH job tasks with the theme being presented. Specific theme decorations are also handled by FOH. Buffets are a team effort. Table set up belongs to the front of house staff while the kitchen fills the table with foods and display produce.

Regardless of who is in charge of designing or setting up centerpieces or decorations it is essential that the person has suitable artistic skills to ensure the decoration:

  • Reflects the theme
  • Is suitable
  • Is made up of correct materials and colors
  • Is correctly placed and sized
  • Does not impact on the quality of food items
  • Remains in suitable condition or quality during the life of the buffet

Examples of buffet centerpieces (most of these can be also used as smaller table decorations):

  • Flower arrangements
  • Ice carving
  • Chocolate carving
  • Special occasion cakes/Gingerbread houses
  • Painted edible pictures
  • Watermelon and fruit carving
  • Vegetable flowers and pumpkin carved flower vase.

Many buffet centerpieces are the domain of cooks with artistic skill. Many larger establishments can afford to employ people just to produce carvings and centerpieces. These need to be well looked after as with time they tend to get damaged or if they have not been stored correctly dirty and dusty. They are valuable items that need to be cared for correctly. If buffets are done on an irregular basis then a fresh flower centerpiece might be the best option.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Garry Blackburn

Subject Matter: Plan, Prepare and Display Buffet Service

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