Tips to Welcome Guests on Arrival

Tips to Welcome Guests on Arrival

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Tips to Welcome Guests on Arrival – Hello Ajarian! Reception staff should ensure every guest receives a welcoming and professional greeting when arriving at the hotel. Remember that reception can be the first face-to-face contact with the guest and this meeting can therefore have a lasting impression.

The moment reception staff identify a guest, they should immediately acknowledge them and not wait for the guest to make the first move. Even if you are busy with another guest, on the telephone, or completing another task, make eye contact with the guest and offer a smile to let them know you have seen them and won’t be long.

The type of greeting the guest receives must always be professional, personable, welcoming, sincere, friendly, and polite.

In all instances, the verbal welcome offered must conform to any hotel policies or directives, but will generally contain:

  • A greeting
  • The hotel’s name
  • The guest’s name or title if appropriate
  • An offer of assistance

Alternatively, the establishment may have a standard ‘welcome’ phrase that they require you to use: check with your supervisor and follow what applies in your workplace. Here are some examples of greeting in a hotel:

Body language


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