Two Types of Listening Techniques

Two Types of Listening Techniques

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Two Types of Listening Techniques – Hello Ajarian! The use of effective listening are keys in nearly all effective two-way communication. An important fact is to realize that just because we talk and listen on a regular basis, we are not necessarily good at it. Listening is sometimes referred to as the neglected skill.

It is without doubt a much-underrated skill, especially when you consider we have two ears, and only one mouth!

Because we listen so often, we assume we are good at it and do not need to spend any time worrying about how to do it, or how to improve doing it.

Fortunately, if we practice, we can improve our listening. In this article, will show you the types of listening techniques: active listening and reflective listening.

Active listening

When engaged in active listening, you do not speak, but listen. You allow your body language to encourage the speaker.

Active listening is:

  • Showing sensitivity to the talker and showing all due respect.
  • Displaying empathy with the person speaking.
  • Demonstrating your attention to all the non-verbal signals you send.
  • Not interrupting the speaker.
  • Encouraging the other person to continue talking by using encouraging behavior – nods, murmurs, short words of encouragement.
  • Concentrating on what is being said rather than allowing yourself to drift off and thinking...
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