Types of Guests in Hotel

Types of Guests in Hotel

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Types of Guests in Hotel

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! When customers make reservations they have different needs and requirements. For this reason, we need to understand our customers and differentiate between the types of customers that we have. Basically, there are two types of customers: those who travel for business and leisure.

1. Business customers
A business customer is a person who travels for the sole purpose of conducting business. Business customers require accommodation and car bookings at short notice. They may use the establishment on a regular basis, or may be here for the sole purpose of attending a conference or convention in your city. Business travelers are the largest source of business for hotels and usually travel all year round except for holiday times.

  • Business customers are here for:
    • Conferences/seminars/conventions
    • Passing through - flight stopovers
    • Negotiating a business deal
    • Meeting Clients
    • Investigating new products.
  • Business customers are:
    • Government employees
    • Corporate business clients
    • Convention/Conference guests or delegates
    • VIPs (very important persons).

2. Leisure Customers
The leisure customer is someone who travels for pleasure. Leisure customers’ arrival is seasonal and...

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