Types of Housekeeping Requests from Guests

Types of Housekeeping Requests from Guests

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Types of Housekeeping Requests from Guests

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! Housekeeping is an important area in any accommodation property. Most people see housekeeping as simply ‘cleaning guest rooms’ but from an operational perspective there is a lot more to housekeeping than just that.

The role of housekeeping is to ensure the comfort and safety of guests whilst they are staying at a hospitality organization.

This is the guest’s 'home away from home'. It is essential that that a guest is able to enjoy their room in the same manner and with the same ease as they would enjoy in their own house. The aim of housekeeping is to strive to enable guests to access items as easily as in their own home.

There may be many times during a shift when the room attendant will have to handle guest requests and the reasons can vary.

1. Need for item sent to the room

A guest may request services or products such as:

  • Additional equipment in their room – because they have needs during their stay that are not accommodated by the normal in-room items
  • Valet or laundry service – common among long stay guests
  • Additional bedding – where the existing bedding is unsuitable, uncomfortable or insufficient
  • Extra tea, coffee, sugar and milk sachets – a common request where the guests spend a lot of time in their room
  • Extra crockery or cutlery...
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