Types of Laundry Chemicals (Part 2)

Types of Laundry Chemicals (Part 2)

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Types of Laundry Chemicals (Part 2)

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! After you read Types of Laundry Chemicals (Part 1), AJAR.id will explain to you about other types of laundry chemicals that are commonly used in an on-premise laundry or off-site laundry in this article.

  1. Bleaches
    There are two kinds of bleaches: chlorine bleaches and oxidizing bleaches. Chlorine bleachesare used to bleach linen and remove residual stains. Chlorine bleaches must only be used on white linen. Chlorine bleaches, if used in excess, can cause fabric damage and loss of tensile strength in linens.

They also act as a sterilizing agent leaving linen in a sanitary condition. Chlorine bleaches are available in both liquid and powder form. The most common chlorine bleach is sodium hypochlorite. As for oxidizing bleaches, you can use these to remove stains. Examples are hydrogen peroxide and sodium perborate.

  1. Antichlors
    These are used to inactivate any residual traces of chlorine bleaches and they prevent linen from yellowing. Some contain an optical brightener which makes white linen seem whiter by increasing light reflection. They are usually added to the second rinse cycle with a high water level.
  2. Fabric softeners
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