Types of Vegetarians

Types of Vegetarians

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Types of Vegetarians

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! Those who state they are vegetarians are also worthy of special consideration, and the term ‘vegetarian’ is one that has the potential to mean many things to many people.

In truth, there are several types of vegetarianism and it is worth asking the guest who mentions they are vegetarian, exactly what sort of vegetarian they are.

To some people, being a vegetarian simply means not eating any meat, while to another it means not eating any animal products at all.

The classifications of vegetarians can be quite large and include:

Vegetarian requests – this is probably the most common dietary-related request and can include:

  • Lacto-ova vegetarians/Ova-lacto vegetarians – these are the majority of ‘vegetarians’. They eat dairy products and eggs but not meat of any kind of meat, poultry or fish
  • Lacto-vegetarians – they don’t eat meat, poultry or fish. They don’t eat eggs but they eat dairy products
  • Pescatarians – people who don’t eat meat, poultry or animal flesh but do eat fish

Vegan – this definition is open to various definitions so it is best to check exactly what the diner means when they say they are a ‘vegan’. Generally, a vegan can be seen as anyone who doesn’t eat meat, poultry, fish, eggs or dairy products and doesn’t eat foods derived from animals such as gelatin. The person may also stipulate that they are served only raw/unprocessed foods, or foods that have not reached a temperature of above 46ºC because they believe foods above this temperature have had some of their dietary goodness removed.

Other variations include vegetarians who have decided to eat one type of meat, but not others. For example, a porco-vegetarian has elected to consume pork and pork products but will avoid all other meat types.

Asking questions to determine the person’s exact requirements is important, as is maintaining a positive approach to the customer and ensuring they do not get the impression that their decision to be vegetarian is an annoyance to us.

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Written by: Alan Hickman, Nick Hyland

Subject Matter: Provide advice to patrons on food and beverage services

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