Use Local Knowledge to Promote Tourism Products and Services

Use Local Knowledge to Promote Tourism Products and Services

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Use Local Knowledge to Promote Tourism Products and Services – Hello Ajarian! The aims of promoting tourism products and services are to enhance the tourist experience and encourage tourists to stay another night or two in the area. When using local knowledge to promote tourism products and services you must remember to be proactive.

This article describes what is involved in being proactive, identifies what is meant by “tourism products and services” and reinforces the reasons why tourists/visitors should be encouraged to purchase these items.

You must always use local knowledge when promoting local tourism products and services because:

  • The local knowledge you pass on to tourists, customers, guests or visitors often decides whether or not the person has an enjoyable experience or not. This is a prime consideration in determining if those people generate return or referral business from the venue and/or the area or country. Local knowledge „enriches‟ the tourism experience.
  • Local knowledge enables the tourist/visitor to differentiate themselves from other tourists/visitors who do not have “local knowledge” and hence cannot avail themselves of the benefits this local knowledge brings
  • Sharing local knowledge is an excellent way of demonstrating your acceptance of the visitor/tourist. In many ways sharing local knowledge is like sharing a secret and there are many positive attitudes and...
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