Useful Selling Techniques You Must Know

Useful Selling Techniques You Must Know

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Useful Selling Techniques You Must Know – Hello Ajarian! You should take every opportunity to ‘sell’ your establishment’s facilities. This simply means offering information to the guests in such a way that it will attract their attention and encourage their use of your establishment services, rather than others.

To attract customers effectively, you can use the selling techniques below:

  1. Suggesting
    What choices of room features or rates does your hotel provide? Introduce the products and services available to the customers!
  2. Describing
    Make your facilities sound attractive through your choice of words; get excited about your establishment! For example, you may say “We provide an enticing swimming pool located in our rooftop area, where you can plunge down while immersing in the city view.
  3. Explaining
    A guest may not be using a particular facility because he/she did not know much about it. You can explain the relevant information such as how to use it, how much does it cost, at what time they can use it, etc.
  4. Upselling
    Offer more than the guest is asking for; suggest reserving a suite on their next stay if appropriate.
  5. Cross-selling
    If your company has other accommodation establishments in another area, or perhaps its own car hire company, suggest the...
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