Using CRS for External Purposes

Using CRS for External Purposes

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Using CRS for External Purposes – Hello Ajarian! Besides preparing information for internal purposes, a hospitality or tourism establishment may also prepare and present property information for the advice and consumption of external people such as businesses, suppliers and individuals.

One of the tasks you will be required to perform using your CRS is to create and process accurate communications to industry colleagues and potential customers and end users, using the appropriate features of the system.

Types of external people

1. Industry colleagues

Industry colleagues may include:

  • Any product or service supplier with whom an association exists – such as airlines, travel agents, tour wholesalers, and booking agencies
  • Any product or service supplier with whom the reservation is being made or any organization involved in any part of the reservation such as car hire companies, tourist attractions, local tour operators and event organizers.

Many suppliers will be common to numerous properties, and it is to be expected that some suppliers will be unique to some properties.

For example, a hotel that targets younger guests who are seeking a hands-on, exciting and action-packed holiday will have associations with vastly different organizations (such as wild-water rafting, bungee jumping, motor sports, rock climbing businesses) to...

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