Using Espresso Machine

Using Espresso Machine

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Using Espresso Machine – Hello Ajarian! The use of espresso machine among the coffee makers, or in food and beverage department, has become daily-work responsibility. Anyway, do you already know how to make a nice cup of espresso using one?

Through this article you are going to see how to use an espresso machine in general, or at least, you can make it as a useful preview if you are going to use it someday. The following steps are commonly applicable but can vary depending on the machine you are going to use.

Make sure that you:

  1. Remove the group handle from the group head and knock out spent grounds from the previous coffee into knock box/tube.
  • Some coffee makers believe the spent coffee grounds should remain in the group filter basket locked in the group head until the next coffee is made in the belief the cake keeps the group at a consistent temperature and prevents metallic tastes from building up in the group head and handle.
  • Other coffee makers feel 10 minutes is the maximum time for spent coffee to remain locked in the group handle.
  • You need to know what applies in your workplace. Whatever option is followed, it is well recognized that a coffee machine in constant use produces the best coffee
  1. Wipe out the basket with a cloth attached to the machine or to your apron and which is to be used for this purpose only. Ground coffee sits better in a dry basket and clings to the sides.

If the basket is rinsed and not dried, water under pressure will flow towards the water on the sides of the basket and not through the coffee, as it should and your coffee will be compromised. Also, rinsing may create a hazard of water on the floor and around the coffee machine.

  1. Place the group handle under the dispensing opening and dose one flick for a single shot and two for a double. Make sure you use the correct group handle for the number of coffees you are making.
  2. Level the coffee by gently tapping on the sides of the basket. The coffee will flow towards the point where you are tapping. Once the coffee is level check enough coffee has been dispensed.
  3. Tamp the dosage.
  4. Wipe any coffee grounds off the top of the group handle.
  5. Before locking the group handle into the group run 30- 60 milliliters of water through the group head to flush out any coffee grounds and heat up the group head.
  6. Lock the group handle into the group head and press the button to start the extraction.
  7. The espresso should start to flow in around 5 seconds and it should take 25 – 30 seconds to extract a shot of 30 – 35 mls.

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Written by: Alan Hickman

Subject Matter: Prepare and Serve Non-alcoholic Beverages

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