Varieties of Filling for Gateaux

Varieties of Filling for Gateaux

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Varieties of Filling for Gateaux – Hello Ajarian! As we learned before, gateau or gateaux is a layers of cake or sponge with layers of flavored cream between. The cream used in gateaux will later called as fillings.

The common type of cream used to make gateaux filling is buttercream. These buttercreams can be flavoured to any flavour that may be required. These flavourings should be subtle in flavour.

Colouring can also be applied to the requirements of your workplace. Again, subtle is best but if brightness is required then that is ok.

Fresh cream can be flavoured and coloured but care must be taken that it is kept chilled and is not overwhipped. This will cause the cream to split and become unusable.

Beside buttercream, here are some examples of other type of cream that you can use as fillings for gateaux:

  • Crème Chibouste – is a mixture that varies in actual composition but it is usually Crème Patisserie and Italian Meringue mixed in varying proportions. The flavouring of Crème Chiboust must be added to the Crème Patisserie because when the meringue is added care must be taken not to knock lightness out of the meringue portion.
  • Crème Patisserie – can be used as filling for some gateaux, flavours and other ingredients can be added as needed. Fruit fillings can be used in conjunction with creams....
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