Ways to Accept Payment for Reservation

Ways to Accept Payment for Reservation

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Ways to Accept Payment for Reservation

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! When accepting payment for a reservation, you must be aware of the policies and procedures that apply to each method of payment accepted by the hotel. There are several method of payments and AJAR.id will explain each of them about how it works.

A cash payment usually means the hotel requires the payment to be made in full before accepting the goods and services. In some hotels a cash policy will apply, limiting the guest to charging back to their room privileges.

Credit Cards
Common practice is to get an imprint of the card. There are few guests who don’t have a credit or charge card. This is a secure form of payment.

Cheques can be bank cheques, personal cheques or company cheques. Bank cheques are as good as cash. This cheque is written by the bank. These cheques are often used when the purchases are large and when the payment needs to be secure and transparent.

Personal and Company Cheques are not widely accepted as there is very little security with this form of payment. Any hotel that does accept personal or company cheques will have a stringent policy to do so. Usually the person or company will have to register with the hotel and complete a credit registration form several weeks PRIOR to their arrival.

Consequently, this method of payment is not used...

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