What is the definition of a ‘suspicious package’?

What is the definition of a ‘suspicious package’?

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What is the definition of a ‘suspicious package’?

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! There is no definition of a suspicious package. Many items that do not look suspicious have in fact concealed a device that has exploded. Certainly, there are indications a package may conceal a device – and experts know what to look for.

The problem, however, is that if you examine a package and believe it has no tell-tale signs it is, says, a bomb, you may then move it and by so doing, detonate it. It is for this reason these notes have deliberately omitted information about what signs to look for – treat every suspicious package with the utmost care and respect: follow the advice given above.

When the authorities have been notified, they will attend and assist with evacuation as well as determining which other services should be called in to deal with the item. While you do not want to over-react to suspicious package situations, it is important to make the decision relatively quickly about whether or not 'a situation' exists: commonly individuals are reluctant to contact authorities in case there is not a problem and they think they will then be made to look foolish – you must overcome this thought. It really is a case of being ‘better safe than sorry’.

Once items submitted as found items have been checked for safety and legality, they may be accepted and signed-in to the Lost and Found facility using the...

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