Why Customer Feedback is So Important?

Why Customer Feedback is So Important?

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Why Customer Feedback is So Important?

AJAR.id – Hello Ajarian! Acting appropriately in response to customer feedback is regarded by many operators as essential to the ongoing viability of any business. Customer feedback refers to general comments or observations, compliments, and complains made by customers about products offered by the hotel, service delivery at the hotel, or any aspect of facilities at the hotel.

So, why is customer feedback so important?

When acquiring any feedback from guest, make sure you review each of them to observe the issue. It is important to review customer feedback to:

  1. Identify trends or issues in feedback requiring action to prevent recurrence of a problem – such as revisions to SOPs, policies, packages, and advertisements.
    Generally speaking, try to identify ‘trends’ in feedback as opposed to ‘one off’ instances, however can be times when one-off comments are important and must be responded to in relation to:
  • Anything related to safety.
  • Issues where there is the potential for the venue to be sued or prosecuted.
  • Instances where there appears a significant probability the media will be notified and may become involved.
  • Situations where the customer has threatened to notify the authorities.
  1. Take action to address specific customer dissatisfaction –...
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